Tana started working at the theater in 2005 and has been our General Manager since 2006.  She plans a mean employee party and works hard to make sure our customers and staff enjoy their time at The Garland.  As a kid, Tana really wanted to be a school teacher–now she works hard managing the theater and being a mother for her 2 year old daughter.


Sam joined The Garland Theater team in 2013. He enjoys cartoons, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends. When Sam was five he aspired to work at Jurassic Park but he is happy with The Garland Theater for now.



Jasmine started work at the theater as a concession-selling extraordinaire. Quickly realizing the world of tickets and popcorn was too small for the likes of her, she started slinging drinks in Bon Bon. Her three favorite things in the world include bears, Abraham Lincoln and her friend Stephen Theodore Colvin. We totally understand two of those loves.


Here are some of Moriah’s favorite things:  The Twilight Zone, Tattoos, Dogs, Latin music and sarcasm.  She has worked for the theater since 2010.



Dena started selling advertising for The Garland in 2009 and somehow managed to become Director of Operations not long after.  She loves it when people young and old reminisce about the theater.  It is surprising how many people met the girl of their dreams at the Garland Theater!




Frankly speaking, when asked to fill out a questionnaire about himself, Christopher gave really boring answers. This is unfortunate as he has revealed himself to be hilarious, articulate, passionate about movies and a dear friend to his fellow co-workers. This little turtle just came outta his shell.




Kristy has been in Bon Bon mixing up some of Spokane’s tastiest and sassiest cocktails for the last two years. While her dream as a youngster was to be rich and beautiful, she is no snob. Her favorite drink is a shot and beer and she is a real sucker for puppy breath–both animal and human.




Nick keeps our guests and employees happily filled with delicious nachos and pulled pork sandwiches. When we asked what he wanted to be when he was five he quoted Ray Liotta in Good Fellas: “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Nick Keslar, Nacho Gangster.



When Kiele was little she wanted to be a veterinarian or a teacher.  Now she is interested in the culinary arts.  She has worked at the theater since 2013.   




Appropriately enough, when Cabby was little she wanted to be a director and would make all her friends “rehearse” during recess. She now helps us run Bon Bon and will tell you on the sly that one thing most people don’t know about our bar employees is that they are all good dancers. When she’s not slingin’ sin behind the bar, she enjoys a classy, smoky martini while watching really crazy reality TV shows.



Maya started working at the theater in 2013.  Her favorite concessions snack is popcorn, of course!  When Maya was little she wanted to build things or be a fairy.



When asked what animal he would be if given the choice, he stated he would choose the life of a bear-hawk.  Half bear, half hawk, all awesome.  He joined us in 2012 and we’ve never been the same.




Caitlin wants to be a unicorn when she grows up and wishes more people had the pleasure to experience the Garland Theater’s “really creepy basement areas.”  She has been with the theater since 2006.   



Kelly has been keeping The Garland and Bon Bon in fine running order for a while now. If he could be any animal, he would be a crow which is totally fitting as he is great at keeping a bird eye view of all that is going on with our lovely, historic building. Kelly makes fast friends with all he meets and in his free time enjoys sailing, Old Fashioneds, and cough drops.



Emily has been brightening The Garland and Bon Bon for some time now. Things she loves: sals dancing, reading, family, kid’s TV shows and candy! We were surprised to learn that someone so sweet would want to be a Hobbit when she grows up!



Gary is what might be known as the strong, silent type. In keeping with this persona, his guilty pleasure is betting the ponies. What we have come to realize about Gary however, is that he is really one giant softie. His aspirations for himself are to be a great father and grandfather. Teddy bear status achieved.