Tana started working at the theater in 2005 and has been our General Manager since 2006.  She plans a mean employee party and works hard to make sure our customers and staff enjoy their time at The Garland.  As a kid, Tana really wanted to be a school teacher–now she works hard managing the theater and being a mother for her 2 year old daughter.


Sam joined The Garland Theater team in 2013. He enjoys cartoons, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends. When Sam was five he aspired to work at Jurassic Park but he is happy with The Garland Theater for now.


Not surprising, when Katie was little she wanted to be a gypsy and read people’s fortunes.  Her dream man is Dwight Schrute.  Really.  She has worked at the theater since 2009.


Here are some of Moriah’s favorite things:  The Twilight Zone, Tattoos, Dogs, Latin music and sarcasm.  She has worked for the theater since 2010.


Dena started selling advertising for The Garland in 2009 and somehow managed to become Director of Operations not long after.  She loves it when people young and old reminisce about the theater.  It is surprising how many people met the girl of their dreams at the Garland Theater!



When Kiele was little she wanted to be a veterinarian or a teacher.  Now she is interested in the culinary arts.  She has worked at the theater since 2013.   




Ryan began working at The Garland in 2012.  One of Ryan’s favorite things is self adhesive googly eyes, if you look closely you can see the evidence of this around the theater.



Maya started working at the theater in 2013.  Her favorite concessions snack is popcorn, of course!  When Maya was little she wanted to build things or be a fairy.


When asked what animal he would be if given the choice, he stated he would choose the life of a bear-hawk.  Half bear, half hawk, all awesome.  He joined us in 2012 and we’ve never been the same.




Caitlin wants to be a unicorn when she grows up and wishes more people had the pleasure to experience the Garland Theater’s “really creepy basement areas.”  She has been with the theater since 2006.