Stephen started working at the Garland Theater in 2012, and we’ve never been the same. His favorite films include 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Children of Men. In 2019, he became our General Manager here at the theater.


Johnny has been tending bar in Bon Bon for since 2018. He’s apparently obsessed with narwhals and not much else. Catch him in the bar Mondays during trivia or calling Bingo numbers on Wednesday nights!

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Jasmine started work at the theater as a concession-selling extraordinaire. Quickly realizing the world of tickets and popcorn was too small for the likes of her, she started slinging drinks in Bon Bon. Her three favorite things in the world include bears, Abraham Lincoln and her friend and co-worker, Stephen. We totally understand two of those loves.



Frankly speaking, when asked to fill out a questionnaire about himself, Christopher gave really boring answers. This is unfortunate as he has revealed himself to be hilarious, articulate, passionate about movies and a dear friend to his fellow co-workers. This little turtle just came outta his shell.


Lindsay joined the Garland team in 2019. If she could be an animal she said: “Definitely a kestrel. It’s the world’s smallest bird of prey and I feel like that encompasses me pretty well.” Watch out for this one!


Blaise has been a member of the Garland team since 2019, and has always had a taste for art and animation. His spirit animal (he says) is a Raven, representing prophecy and insight and the connections between the material realm, and the spirit world; he most surely made quite the connection with us, we’d say!


Ami is quite the character. A musician at heart, her childhood dream was to become a singer, and today that dream hasn’t changed much; she aspires to be a musician… or an anthropologist. When she isn’t busy writing tunes or selling out shows, you can find her here at the theater enjoying some nachos or whittling to pass the time! Joining us in 2019, Ami has indeed made every day a high note!



Appropriately enough, when Cabby was little she wanted to be a director and would make all her friends “rehearse” during recess. She now manages Bon Bon and will tell you on the sly that one thing most people don’t know about our bar employees is that they are all good dancers. When she’s not slingin’ sin behind the bar, she enjoys a classy, smoky martini while watching really crazy reality TV shows.



Maya started working at the theater in 2013.  Her favorite concessions snack is popcorn, of course!  When Maya was little she wanted to build things or be a fairy.


Brandon, joining us in 2019, is one of our best. As a youngster, he wanted to become an inventor (a la Doc Brown of Back to the Future fame) and that has progressed towards a knack for tech, with IT being in his sights for the future. He has a soft spot for Superman, and if given the chance to choose, he would prefer the power of telekinesis!



Kelly has been keeping The Garland and Bon Bon in fine running order for quite a while now. If he could be any animal, he would be a crow which is totally fitting as he is great at keeping a bird eye view of all that is going on with our lovely, historic building. Kelly makes fast friends with all he meets and in his free time enjoys sailing, a stiff Tequila-Driver (preferably from Bon Bon), and holistic mints.



Since Crystal joined our team in 2017 we have learned so much about her but maybe even more about her dog, Cosmos (as pictured). Crystal spends her free time looking at photos or watching videos of her beloved canine friend. We’re glad she can tear herself away from him long enough to lend us a hand at the theater!


Kailey became a member of the Garland team in 2018. Some of Kailey’s favorite things include basketball, Star Wars and Marvel movies and being with her family and friends. Someday Kailey would like to become a teacher.